Problem Management Tips

ServiceNow Problem Management helps to identify the cause of an error in the IT infrastructure, reported as occurrences of related incidents. Resolving a problem means fixing the error that will stop these incidents from occurring in the future. While Incident Management deals with fighting symptoms to incidents, Problem Management seeks to remove the causes of incidents permanently from the Read more about Problem Management Tips[…]

ServiceNow JSON Parse

JSON Example: Inbound Action Processing Inbound Action Script Example: // Build the JSON Object var dataArray = { incident:current.number + ”, email:email.body_text }; // Process an event and pass through the encoded JSON Object gs.eventQueue(‘EVENT_NAME’, current, new global.JSON().encode(dataArray), gs.getUserID()); Script Action Example //JSONParser Script Include var parser = new JSONParser(); var parsed = parser.parse(event.parm1); Then Read more about ServiceNow JSON Parse[…]

Angular Directives

Directives Directives in AngularJS are extended HTML attributes. AngularJS has a number of built-in directives, all starting with ng, such as: ngApp ngRepeat ngShow ngModel ngClick AngularJS allows user-defined directives to extend the functionality of HTML in applications. The directives can attach a specified behavior to: Element (<macro-name></macro-name>) Attribute (<div macro-name><div>) CSS Class (<div class=“macro-name“>) Read more about Angular Directives[…]