ServiceNow JSON Parse

JSON Example: Inbound Action Processing Inbound Action Script Example: // Build the JSON Object var dataArray = { incident:current.number + ”, email:email.body_text }; // Process an event and pass through the encoded JSON Object gs.eventQueue(‘EVENT_NAME’, current, new global.JSON().encode(dataArray), gs.getUserID()); Script Action Example //JSONParser Script Include var parser = new JSONParser(); var parsed = parser.parse(event.parm1); Then Read more about ServiceNow JSON Parse[…]

Angular Directives

Directives Directives in AngularJS are extended HTML attributes. AngularJS has a number of built-in directives, all starting with ng, such as: ngApp ngRepeat ngShow ngModel ngClick AngularJS allows user-defined directives to extend the functionality of HTML in applications. The directives can attach a specified behavior to: Element (<macro-name></macro-name>) Attribute (<div macro-name><div>) CSS Class (<div class=“macro-name“>) Read more about Angular Directives[…]